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Advance Web Development

Advance Web Development

Web Application Development

FlipWorks has been working in the field of custom software development.Our expert team has taken part in dozens of application development projects. We are experienced in developing advanced systems with complex business logic dealing with large amounts of data and transactions. We are able to supply you with an innovative, trustworthy software solution to complement your most complicated business ideas.

Application Services

Application Development

Custom application development tailored to the client’s specific business requirements. We deliver rich internet applications combining our solid cross-domain experience, technological expertise and an established development methodology.

Application Migration and Porting

Our migration services include porting applications to a new technology platform, database and server porting, data migration, standalone-to-web migration of legacy applications.

Application Reengineering and Enhancement

We provide reverse engineering of existing systems to understand their business functionality and technical architecture and introduce new/enhanced business logic and improved performance.

Application Audit and Testing

Independent software audit and testing of your web application including code reviews, functionality-to-requirements verification, GUI usability and HTML standards compliance testing and performance/security/stability testing.

Application Maintenance

Our web application maintenance and support services are aimed at ensuring stable and uninterrupted operation of your business system. The services include problems analysis, resolution and application enhancement.

Business-oriented Solutions

Our seasoned technical and project management team will guide you from a business idea to implementation of a cost effective software solution. We will deliver a valuable business tool specially designed to serve the specific needs of your business:

- Enable effective management of online business including customer service, inventory, supply chain management, procurement, etc.

- Generate additional sales by building a lasting profitable relationship with the clientele through a more responsive customer service.

- Facilitate direct communication with customers, vendors, suppliers and employees.

- Reduce resource requirements and operating costs through business processes automation.

Web and Enterprise Portal Development

Our advanced web development services aims at executing dynamic applications that would meet the growing business needs on the web. Our technical capabilities allow us to deliver development of every complexity: from simple scripts to complex applications. FlipWorks will help you reinforce your online business taking advantage of multiple languages, databases and advanced programming.

Social Networking Software

At FlipWorks you will find a winning solution for your social networking project. We create catching, interactive and load resistant web applications able to fully support your groundbreaking ideas.

Thinking Social

After a decade in software development we clearly understand how people interact through online service and know how SNS should be built.

We deliver a proper framework for your socially-oriented project placing the concept of communication in the center of the solution and aligning our best development practices around the breakthrough features you suggest.

Flipworks offers an appropriate technology, implements right tools and innovative features and provides comprehensive support & maintenance after the project is launched.


We believe that despite domination of Facebook, LinkedIn and other social network giants there is enough room for inspiration and fresh ideas.

Every week we get several requests for developing SN web applications each containing its own concept for the future software. It can be extremely pragmatic or totally innovative but in the end, what makes project successful is adequate cost, careful realization and attention to details.

To support this multitude of ideas Flipworks offers its expertise in building:

* Communities. Our portfolio includes both general and niche on-line communities. At Flipworks you get access to the professionals who can provide your on-line community with unique branding, totally custom look & feel and supply it with the most popular social networking tools.

* Social commerce. Whether you want to launch a full-size social commerce project or just extend your existing application with social shopping tool, you can rely on Flipworks to incorporate smart networking features into your solution and securely integrate it with web payment systems or connect them with popular payment gateways.

* Online servicing with social features. If you plan to launch on-line service you can rely on Flipworks to develop it fully social, and equip it with the best features and tools for enhanced visibility and user experience.

* Content exchange and delivery. If your SNS idea is aligned around exchanging media content, we invite you to take advantage of Flipworks’s extensive expertise in building highly scalable and solutions, able to store and deliver large data volumes.

Should your project involve one or all of these basic SN types, then Flipworks is your choice.

Features and Tools

Featuring is what makes your social networking project stand out and makes idea go live. Flipworks takes full advantage of its custom development experience to realize catching innovative functionality and seamlessly integrate it with social networking tools in one solution.

We keep in mind both frontend and backend tools – so that users be happy and admins could easily manage, track and react. To achieve better results Flipworks is able to combine commonly used tools with advanced ones.


Choosing a technology for social networking solution may be challenging. To make your solution easy to maintain, scale and update in the future, Flipworks offers:

* Professional database and application server architecture to sustain high loads

* Most open program architecture to ensure scalability for future extension

* Modular structure for easier maintenance and support

* Best-practice development techniques for cost reduction

Fllipworks is flexible enough and may offer you several platforms depending on project size, objectives and your technology preferences. The Fllipworks most relevant technologies for internet-focused social software are PHP,Dot Net and Java.

Today internet site lives in a complex environment. Users want to use mobile devices or off-line work with further synchronization. Whatever the project size or specifics, at Iflexion you will find an all-round Social Networking Solutions development services.

* Rich Internet Apps. Get a rich interactive web-based application with captivating functionality for the best user experience.

* Mobile Development. Increase value by adding a mobile client/mobile web application.

* Desktop gadgets and plug-ins development. Iflexion is a one-stop vendor for developing smart add-ons, desktop gadgets, and plug-ins.

* Integration. Integrate your solution with popular social networks, payment service provider or corporate software.

Start your SNS project with FlipWorks

If you are planning to launch a social network project and looking for a creative and trustworthy development partner - seek no longer. At Flipworks you will find a unique approach for developing a successful social network and ideas that work.

Website Design and Development

Flipworks provides professional website design, development and maintenance services. Our skilled web designers and developers accomplish various website projects from brochure sites to multi-functional web portals. Flipworks has a large pool of resources and the required business and technical expertise to develop websites of any complexity. We provide complete front-end and back-end development based on the latest technologies and industry trends.

Professional Design


With the help of modern design tools our designers create appealing, exclusive designs that highlight your uniqueness and let you stand out from the crowd. Our designs combine:

* Appealing and professional style

* Consistent overall layout

* Consistent corporate identity

* Colors compatibility

* Rational space usage


Irrespective of the website’s functional complexity we aim at keeping interfaces simple and easy-to-use. We pay attention to various aspects to ensure positive user experience:

* User-friendly interface

* Intuitive navigational schemes

* AJAX-powered interactivity

* Task-oriented workflow

* Accessibility standards

Comprehensive Functionality

Front-end Functionality

Functionality is what turns your website from a "shop display" into a powerful business tool. By delivering custom-built solutions Flipworks is able to provide the functionality that would completely match your actual business requirements. Modular approach to development allows us to expand the existing or add new functionality easily and cost-effectively when your business requirements change. As a result, you will receive the best return on investment into current solution and decrease your expenditure on future system extension.

Back-office Administration

Depending on your requirements we can integrate different back-office management tools that will give you efficient control over various site operations. This may include non-technical content creation and publishing, dynamic structure generation, document management (incl. images, PDFs, video and audio files, etc), user management, access rights and permissions, business operations management (incl. clients, catalogs, payments, orders, etc.), site statistics module and others.

Expert Back-end Programming

Our specialists are able to create dynamic, highly interactive and functional websites, making cutting-edge technologies effectively back clean interfaces. We offer our clients a full spectrum of back-end development including dynamic page generation, database design and development (incl. database performance optimization and tuning), distributed database development for websites dealing with large amounts of data, data encryption, advanced search mechanism integration, built-in security, real-time payment processing, audio/video streaming, etc.

Due Approach

Throughout the entire website development cycle we will help you define, conceptualize and implement your business web strategy in a cost-effective solution.

Due Communication

Effective communication is vital for success of any project. We at once establish a two-way knowledge transfer process that would let us, firstly, clearly understand client requirements, and secondly, provide a sound and transparent advice on technology and solution options. From the very beginning of development every project has a project manager involved. The client is able to solve all project related issues through a single person at Iflexion. We use different communication means: e-mail, phone, instant messengers, Skype, as well as onsite visits, to secure the required level of communication.

Due Process

We have derived our development methodology from the best industry practices like RUP and Agile methodology. We follow a practical approach to development process. We know when to apply a “light-weight” approach for a small project to get the optimal cost-time balance. We also know how and are able to expand it for a complex development project. But regardless of the applied process model all projects go through stringent quality verification procedures.

Due Solution

By utilizing our extensive cross-domain expertise and technology competence we deliver the right solutions for specific situations. Prior to project implementation our analysts study your business requirements thoroughly. The detailed analysis allows us to define the appropriate approach, design consistent architecture and select the right tools and technologies taking into account the current needs and laying foundation for future growth.

Due Quality

A dedicated Quality Assurance department is responsible for quality monitoring and testing at all stages of website development to ensure high quality of the final product. Verification includes various aspects of entire project including GUI testing and HTML standards compliance, functionality-to-requirements conformity, error-free coding, performance and stability testing.

Web - Based Database Programming

Database-driven solutions have given new approaches to effective business information management due to the flexibility of data retrieval, storage and manipulation processes that they provide. Employing the data structuring and processing advantages that databases grant, Flipworks devotes client-server and web-based applications development process to providing our clients with efficient and scalable solutions suiting contemporary business needs. Flipworks has solid experience with the following databases: MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle, DB2, PostgreSQL and MS Access.

Flipworks Database Development Services include:

Investigation and Planning

Before starting the database development process, Iflexion business analysts perform thorough investigation of our clients’ needs to determine required application capacities and plan the solution architecture accordingly.

Data Modeling

Basing on the types of data that the future solution will manage Iflexion database development specialists work out the DB logical schemas, relationships between DB entities and modules to ensure the DB reliability and enhanced performance.

Workflow and User Analysis

Depending on actions that the future DB solution will perform, required amount of users and user types Iflexion DB specialists elaborate DB tiers, users’ roles and rights suiting the clients’ needs and DB logics.

Capacity Strategy

Keeping in mind that the amount of processed data can be growing continuously, Flipworks gives fullest attention to DBs capacity strategy planning that includes space utilization, standby facilities for possible applications/features adding and performance optimization options.

Interface Design

We impact the usability of the DB solutions that we provide by developing user-friendly DB interfaces allowing effective database administration and data management.

Migration of Legacy Systems and Data

Flipworks provides our clients with database implementation services that include integration of existing applications and data with newly developed database solution.

Post-Implementation Review

After a database solution has been developed and integrated, Flipworks specialists perform the final integration and operational checkout to ensure the correct and seamless application performance.

As the result, Iflexion supplies tailored-to-business-needs database-driven applications that embed the tools needed for improved business performance and end-users satisfaction.

Web-Enabling Legacy Applications

Organizations worldwide have been running business based on legacy applications that have evolved for many years across diverse platforms. In the 21st century greater performance efficiency and web-enabled interactivity are needed to support these businesses.

Migration-to-Web of the legacy applications allows organizations to rich two goals of extending the knowledge of these applications, while deploying the execution potential of latest technologies.

Our extended experience in business software applications combined with our applied expertise in the wide set of available web technologies guarantees successful migration of your application to the web.

Migration Steps:

* Take a close study of legacy application

* Apprehend business functionality

* Determine technological requirements and risks

* Determine the optimal migration solution regarding your specific situation

* Assure effective realization and smooth migration by means of constant monitoring and project management

After having studied your application and having fully understood its use cases, our highly-qualified experts will build a browser-based version of your application that retains the essential features and takes full advantage of the web platform.

Open Source Software Customization

It may sometimes be reasonable to integrate Open Source products in the software solutions being developed because of various advantages offered by such products: low cost, scalability and high flexibility level.

Basing on its rich experience in Open Source software integration Flipworks will provide you with the most efficient solution possible for your needs. Our proficient programmers are experienced in performing Open Source software integration with all kinds of operating systems (Windows, Linux, etc.), middleware (Oracle, DB2, WebSphere, Bea, etc.) and back-office applications (billing, CRM, etc.). Flipworks can offer you a full range of Open Source development-related services including migration of existing systems to open frameworks and custom Open Source-based development. These services can be provided as a part of a big project or as a single service.

With Flipworks you can be sure that your software solution is implementing the most efficient and up-to-date Open Source technologies of those available.