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Business Continuity

Business Continuity

Flipworks implements a set off comprehensive measures and procedures to ensure business continuity and reliability.


A dedicated IT department is responsible for Infrastructure Engineering, Infrastructure Change and Release Management. Responsible people are informed about all significant events concerning the functioning of the information infrastructure on the 24x7 basis by using mobile phones with Email2SMS service enabled.

Computing Facilities

We have more than 25 Laptop (Core 2 Duo) and Apple Macintosh workstations and 2 servers in our datacenter. All datacenter are equipped with efficient air conditioning, fire protection and UPS power protection systems. Each server is built on the RAID technology (Level 1 or Level 5 controllers are used).

Internet Redundancy and Data Exchange

Reliable Internet connection is provided via two independent data links with the bandwidth of 4 and 1 Mbps. The connection between the datacenter is provided via fiber-optic links with the bandwidth of 1Gbps. Reliability of power supply is ensured by the presence of 3 separate and independent power feeders at datacenter and by the usage of high-performance UPSes. Internal information infrastructure includes 1 Cisco router and a set of telephony equipment.

Network Services Reliability

Failover capabilities are implemented for the main network services, such as Mail, DNS, Internet Access, Active Directory and development servers. The Mail Server backup is performed via two backup servers, one located in Europe and another – in North America. This mechanism ensures that no incoming and outgoing mail is lost.

Security Management

We have developed a number of documents covering our Security Policy: General Network Usage Policy, Sensitive Information Encryption and Exchange Policies. General compliance with our security policy and regulations is ensured by the usage of logon scripts and Group Policies.

Staff Security

We perform careful security checks of every person that is applying for a job. Confidentiality Agreements are an important part of the security system and every employee we hire is to sign such an Agreement. All the security-related cases and incidents are tracked and resolved by Department Managers. We inform all the people we hire about the Company’s security standards and keep this knowledge up-to-date by organizing special training programs on regular basis.

Physical Security and Access Control

We imply a multi-level access control system. On the first level our security service is checking our employee’s ID-badges to ensure they are authorized to access the building. The next level of access control is based on the usage of electronic cards, each possessing unique radio metrics, that are given to every employee that is authorized to access the floors of our buildings. We have installed effective video monitoring and alert systems in our offices and have arranged Governmental Security Service’s (Police) protection of our property. The access control system is managed from one central control point, though each datacenter’s security system is independent.

Customers Data Protection

We understand that security of our client’s data in number one priority for our business. We use 256 bit AES algorithm for traffic encryption and 2048 bit public/private keys pair for authentication purposes. Sensitive data is exchanged via SFTP server and PGP is used for emails encryption. This way compliance with the ISO standards for information security is provided. We also strictly follow all the governmental rules and regulations for emergency issues.

Additional capacities

For development purposes we use virtualization technology which enables us to build a separate operational environment for each project and thus increase resource allocation flexibility and effectiveness. This technology is based on the usage of VMware Server 1.0, VMware ESX Server 3.0 and VMware Infrastructure for project monitoring.

Security Monitoring

All the processes are constantly monitored by the administrative team and vital information on all the important changes and incidents is tracked and logged via Syslog Server for future audit.

Backup Process and Disaster Recovery

The Information Life Cycle Management (ILM) process we have developed at Iflexion includes a set of data protection and other security-related activities. A special data recovery scenario is presupposed for each kind of potential data loss situation (e.g. hardware or software failure, computer virus, human mistake, etc.). The process of backup copies creation is regulated by the Backup Process Plan.