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Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application Development

Flipworks offers development of mobile applications for all the most popular mobile platforms. We believe the key factor for successful project is vendor’s ability to stand the specific challenges of mobile development.


Mobile Plug-ins for Websites, Portals and online Servicing

* Custom Utilities. If you aim to add value to your web portal by making its features accessible from mobile devices, Iflexion offers custom mobile app development that will keep users connected to the information flow and take an action.

* Ecommerce. The Iflexion mobile development team develops solutions that overcome screen and bandwidth limitations making browsing and purchasing processes easy, fast and enjoyable.

* Social Networking. We develop mobile applications for online social networks and communities that offer access to mobile chats, picture and video sharing, blogging, mobile games downloading and much more. Iflexion makes sure your mobile solution is up-to-date and Web 2.0 compliant.

Mobile Gadgets

* Business Applications Quite often you need a specific application that fits unique needs or realizes an innovative idea. Iflexion will take care of the fastest release and further support and updates for your app.

* Gaming and Entertainment The Iflexion team of creative engineers and designers builds interactive mobile games and entertainment solutions with captivating graphics and sound.

Mobile Applications for Corporate Software Systems

In today's fast-moving business world smartphones form an intrinsic part of your employees' toolkit. Allowing mobile access and in-the-field operation becomes increasingly crucial to maintaining your professional advantage.

To ensure your employees always remain connected to business, Flipworks develops mobile applications that interact with corporate software systems such as ERP or CRM. Our domain expertise allows us to seamlessly integrate mobile application into order processing, task management, business analysis and other vital business processes.


Flipworks is able to meet the most challenging requirements providing solid technology skills, proven development methodologies and creative approach.


Visual design

Creative artworks for gaming & entertainment. Attractive and highly usable GUI design. Clear layouts for content presentation. The Iflexion design division has a decade of professional experience in creating software look & feel and more than 4 years in visual design for mobile apps.

Product development experience

Flipworks offers you a product development approach, which is definitely different from custom development. A mobile product that you will sell or position as additional competitive advantage will make the most of our project management, development and quality assurance processes.

All-round coverage

It is quite often that our customer’s business idea requires development of several types of software: a web service, a desktop client and a mobile app. For such projects we offer a comprehensive development service including technology consulting, business analysis and solution architecture services.

If you need a reliable and experienced mobile development partner, get in touch today.